Greetings and Salutations

Note: This site is not currently being updated with new issues. You may be looking for

Knight’s Atari started in September 2011 as a monthly newsletter published jointly between the Chess and Go Societies at NUI, Galway. It has continually evolved since then and now publishes all types of silly things.

Its editors have reluctantly grown up (only a little) and moved on from NUIG and so too has Knight’s Atari been forced to change with the times. We are now an international online publication. Sounds impressive, I know! You can find us at

This site contains pdf versions of all the printed issues of Knight’s Atari that were produced while at NUIG, from September 2011 up to April 2014. Below, you can find issues dating back to September 2012. For our even earlier issues, click on Back Issues up above.

If you would like to let us know how great you think we are (don’t be shy!) we can be contacted through facebooktwitter or email at


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